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New Stuff!!

7 Feb

Yip…still here! January came storming in and out, and was very busy for me. I had the pleasure of having a business trip down to Orlando last week, where the warmth and sun graced us with its presence, and it was a welcome relief to the deep freeze we have been in here in Southern Ontario this winter. Everyone complains about the snow…yes folks, we live in Canada, in a snow belt area, and people consistently complain about the snow!! Well ….. enough already! If we aren’t complaining about how cold it is, we are complaining about how warm it is…..but that is a rant for another day…….

My knitting  came with me on my trip, a little pair of vanilla socks for E, and a grown-up pair of 2×2 ribbed for me. I was able to cast-on..and off, the first of the smaller socks, and made a dent of a few inches into the other. I didn’t have a lot of sitting around time, so I was pleased with what I accomplished.

I wanted to let you know about a new yarn designer who is a friend of mine. She lives in London, England, and we met thru Ravelry! We have had a few visits together, and when she let me (and my fellow knitting group friends) know that she was going to start her own hand-dyed yarn company….well I was thrilled to say the least! You can find her at

She had sent me a skein to try, and I admit, it was probably one of the best yarns I have used in a long time! It was a Blue Faced Leicster Mix with some nylon, and it was divine to work with — no splitting, and no irritation to the hands. Her skeins are ample, so my size 11 feet were no problem!

So if you are looking for a new yarn, give her a holler!

As for me…I have some socks to knit, and a little boy to tuck in, so I will see you next time!