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I mean…REALLY!?

9 Nov

This phrase seems to have been a  popular one for me over the past few month! It sums up quite a lot of events rather nicely I think!

Hello again everyone! I have been absent, AGAIN! I mean 3 months…really?!…OK, enough, enough…see, very commonly used!

I had been debating over the past few days, whether I should keep this blog going or not. I figure I am writing to outer space most of the time, and that there probably isn’t anyone out there who actually follows what I am doing….BUT I logged  in today, and find that the number of hits that I have had over the past week, had shot up! So perhaps you are out there after all!

I would like to have a giveaway, sometime over the next few weeks. I have to find a really nice skein of yarn, and perhaps a book, and other goodies! Just to celebrate knitting in general and my thanks to all those regular bloggers out there! We knitters have our bookmarked blogs that we visit everyday, or thereabouts. I am one of those knitters, and I applaud those who give 110% each day to ensure that they keep their readers up to date with their knitting lives.

Here is what I have been working on for the past few months…I am guilty at still not updating my picture gallery!

  • Custom Top-Down Raglan KAL by Susan B. Anderson – I made a custom adult AND childs size raglan, and they both turned out really well. If you are thinking of making yourself or someone else a sweater for Christmas, this IS the way to go!
  • Sagano Shawl – I am knitting this for my SIL for Christmas out of Zen Garden Serenity Sock…nice stuff!!
  • Posedeia Shawl – for my MIL for Christmas
  • Ruffle My Feathers – for my DH’s Aunt – I am just about to start this with Malabrigo Sock!

So, that is it for now. I am keeping myself busy at work, and also by volunteering as the Fundraising Chair for my son’s school – so my knitting really IS my lifesaver!!

Thanks for joining me, hope you will come back soon!