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Ten on Tuesday – Top 10 to Bring on Vacation

3 Aug

Hi Everyone! I think I have wanted to blog everyday for the past 2 weeks, but so much is happening that I get exhausted even reviewing everything I want to write…then I end up with nothing here!

So when I saw the Ten on Tuesday topic for today, I thought that would be one of the best ways to get back into the blogisphere!

1. IPOD – whether it is for music or podcasts, there are always a few minutes to have for yourself and get lost in some great music, or enjoy a knitting podcast.

2. Clothes – yes..simple and straightforward enough, but what I mean here are enough clothes to last for the entire vacay, so that you don’t have to bother yourself with laundry. As it usually goes with me, we all sometimes take a few pieces that we can wear a couple of times, but for me, those are the ones that get either food or coffee dripped on them! No matter where I am, this is always something that happens to me when I have the intention of wearing again!

3. Book or Kindle – I have treated myself (for my Bday in a few weeks) to a Kindle from!! I have not yet loaded any books on it, as I am still enjoying one of the paper kind, but as we will be traveling by car for a relaxing vacay at the end of the month, this is my must have!

4. Good Company – a vacation is nothing if you don’t have the right company, either with you, or at your destination.

5. Good Shoes – comfortable, and convenient! As one who suffers from Rhumatoid Arthritis, proper footwear is a must! If I know that I will have a lot of street walking on my hols. then runners it is – but this summer I love my Croc flip flops!

6. Camera – whether digital or throw-away, you know that if you don’t have one, you are going to have been able to take the BEST pictures – and will kick yourself!

7. Patience – sometimes there are long lines, based upon your destination.

8. Snacks – for plane or car or train, you know you will never find what you really want…so bring your own!

9. Knitting – can’t believe I almost left that one out!

10. A Smile – it won’t be a vacation if you don’t pack one of these!

Back soon, to fill you in on life in general! A lot of my stress is being channeled into my knitting at the mo.!