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Ten on Tuesday

22 Jun

Top 10 Ways to Entertain a Child:

  1. Give them candy!
  2. Put on a movie.
  3. Play outside with the Frisbee — game off….game on…just for all the Canadians out there (we usually play on the street)!
  4. Give them your laptop for a while….although you may never get it back!
  5. Go swimming in Grandma and Grandpas’ pool – we are lucky that they are only a short drive from here.
  6. Somehow, a puddle, no matter the age, entertains for hours….as well as the bugs it attracts!
  7. Ice Cream!!! …..need I say more here?
  8. A visit to the bookstore, always some great finds and new adventures there!
  9. Talking about crazy things, creations, and facts.
  10. Cooking or baking….there will always (75% of the time), be some yummy results!


1 Jun

Just a quick post to say that I have finished, blocked and sewn in the ends on my Lilas cardigan.

I think it is cute, and although I made the body a  little longer than the pattern called for, it is fashioned to go up in the back, so it is a “with jeans” sweater for me!

I used Estelle South Pacific for this, it blocked really well, and has lovely drape, I would recommend this yarn.