28 May

Alright…finally Friday!!

I have been working solo this week, but still have to work all day today and tomorrow, so no rest in site yet. This week has been stifling with the heat! I dread to think of what we will be in for in the mid-summer if it is like this now!  A little cooler today, but the humidity is still in the air…this makes it a great time for lightweight knitting!

I am finishing off Citron, and I will be glad when it is finished – 444 stitches is a little much, especially in stockinette stitch! I have brought it here with me to the store to work on, only about 10 rows to go, so hopefully will get done at somepoint today!

My next project is Brandywine, I think this will be a simpler knit, and again from the results I have seen on Rav. it turns out beautifully — not sure what yarn I will use for this yet though, that is what I will be choosing when I get home tonight.

Coffee awaits while it is still hot, so have a great day, hopefully with yarniness involved!


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