Almost the Weekend!

20 May

We are that much closer to the looooong weekend! We were at the garden center tonight, and it was one of those perfect evenings. Although maybe a little hotter than we would like for this time in May, it was a cloudless sky and the breeze was absolutely still. We picked everything we need up tonight, so that we don’t have to wrestle with the masses on Saturday and Sunday – and we got the best selection, they were just bringing out everything to fill in every possible space. Not sure what happens in your neck of the woods (…oh, that is soooo Al Roker), but here, this is the mecca or granddaddy weekend of the year for the nurseries, or garden centers.

I have taken the day off tomorrow to languish in my garden! This will entail digging over the beds, putting in new soil, and planting all of the lovelies that we bought. We bought marigolds, snapdragons, petunnias, salmon coloured geraniums, as well as peppers, and herbs, and a few perennials (Sweet William, Grasses).

I will end with that as Gray’s season finale is on in a few minutes, LOVE that show, I have watched it since day one, and have seen every episode. The rumour is that someone will meet their demise tonight, my thoughts are either McSteamy or Christina….or maybe it will be someone who has not been that significant, like an intern that we see once every 3 episodes…probably!


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