Only Wednesday??

19 May

It’s been one of those days, where I keep thinking it is later in the week than it is. Perhaps it is because we are approaching the long weekend in Canada — known as Victoria Day, which is the official start to summer here. Perhaps it is because people are frantically trying to get away from it all already — packing up to head to cottage country to open up the cottage. Not sure….but the weather today, certainly makes you WANT it to be the weekend! As I walked the little guy to school this morning, it was glorious — birds singing, not a cloud in the sky, and still winds, so peaceful….then I had to go to work.

As I opened my laptop a few minutes ago, the patio door just opened, Diet Coke in hand,  I heard a very summer-like sound, and couldn’t quite believe it…..the neighbours in the back just jumped into their pool?! Aww, come on, its only about 65 degrees, and was about 40 on the weekend! They are the type who live in their backyard from morning until night, the same age as us, bigger house (new development behind us), and built a mini-cottage-like structure as a bar out there!! I think the guy power washed for a total of 15 hours last weekend, and we have no idea what!! No joke!

Well, I digress! Back to the knitting front. Went out with the little one to Chapters (our bookstore) last night, and treated myself to these goodies last night.

Toe Up 2 at-a-time Socks, and Summer on Blossom Street  – I have read the others in the Blossom Street series, but waited for this one in paperback.

Hey..Knitted Squirrel…I know you could have taught me, but you are a 2 needle gal!!

So I am looking forward reading these goodies this weekend.

More tomorrow…hey! I am doing well!! n’est pas!?


One Response to “Only Wednesday??”

  1. Wendi November 8, 2010 at 4:07 PM #

    Nope…Not me! I use 1 long Circ….if you need help….you know where I am! LOL

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