Is this really Winter??

23 Jan

I am really having my doubts….since here in our area we have yet to have a snowstorm! For the next few days, it is to be well above zero and rain! I could say this is unheard of BUT I do remember the end of January 2002…I was 7 months pregnant, and we were moving house, it was 17 degrees celcius (that’s about 55 degrees farenheite), and it was wonderful weather to move house in…especially being that pregnant!

I have to say that when you have a little boy who wants to play in the snow, it is a very sucky winter indeed!

On the knitting front (as this is a knitting blog!)…I am involved in Sock Wars thru Ravelry. The patterns to choose from were released last Friday evening, and I completed by socks yesterday. I sent them right off — but they have to get all the way to Arlington Texas still before I “kill” my target. The general idea is to get your target before your assassin gets you…so far so good!

I was able to knit a lot last weekend, as hubby was away in Florida for work. Little guy was happy to play his Nintendo DS for hours on end, as we hung out at home and vegged! This was a thrill for him, and there were no complaints, as he usually is not allowed to play for such long periods of time!

Tonight I am going to start Acer. I had frogged a February Lady Sweater that I had made, as it was too big, and I figured, although it took a lot of time, I would rather have something that I would wear. I am using a yarn that I picked up from Webs last year, in a nice light plum colour. Once that is done, I will post a picture of it, but I will be taking my time with this one!

I have added some pictures below of some recent projects, as this blog is becoming rather picture-less!

Lastly, I have a strong inkling to buy the new Namaste wallet….hmmmm….stay tuned!!!!


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