13 Jun

Hi Fellow Knitters!

I actually AM posting again…wonders never cease!  Hope your knitting is leading you to happy trails at the moment, and not knotted tails!

Today, I realized, is KIP day all over the world. I think my contribution will be knitting at my son’s baseball game in an hour or so, as I usually do. There is something  about sitting in a comfy fold-up chair, knitting, while cheering on a group of 7 yr olds  (who, still at 7, like to dig in the dirt more than pay attention to the game…but that’s a completely different story!).

It’s only just after 10am here, but it was a great start to the day. Today was the first time this year, that we decided to have breakfast outside, the sun was shining, and all you could hear were the birds –  I even saw a heron fly overhead! (When you live in the suburbs of Toronto, that is an unusual site indeed!). Now, it is cloudy and icky looking outside, what gives??

As for my knitting, I am currently working on “Hey Teach!” and “Juliet”. I have given socks a bit of a break after just finishing Cotty – this is a super pattern, and is up as a contender on the Socks That Rock KAL thru Rav. I like reading her blog, you should check it out here.

Well, that’s my update for now, I think I will go and try to find where the sun has gone! Have a super weekend, and enjoy your knitting, where-ever you may be!


One Response to “KIP Day”

  1. irishgirlieknits June 15, 2009 at 12:28 AM #

    Thanks for the Cotty love! Glad you enjoyed the pattern 🙂

    And Juliet and Hey Teach are both in my queue! Someday I’ll put the socks down 🙂

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