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25 Jun my hubby and I’s 10th Wedding Anniversary! I just wanted to share! Although we have our ups and downs, I wouldn’t choose anyone else in the world. We are off to San Francisco next week to celebrate, it will be great! We both have such busy schedules, it will be great to spend some quality time together. Little guy will be spending the time here with his grandparents, which he just LOVES…so he will have just as much fun!
I was trying to finish both “Hey Teach” and “Juliet” before I go, but I think I will just try and finish “Juliet”, as trying for both is a bit adventurous!
I have ordered the pattern Cleopatra from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and can’t wait to get it! I looked all over for it a few months ago, only to discover that it was a sock yarn club pattern, and the STR folks usually release them one year after the group members receive them. I hope to take these on my trip.
I still have to block my Cotty socks (perhaps tonight…hmm), and photograph them.
School is now out here (as of 1:30 this afternoon), I can’t believe that the school year is done already!!??


It’s a Rainy Day….

20 Jun

Yes, it really did rain! What a surprise (she writes sarcastically), that we had rain, on a Saturday, during the summer! All of you from Ontario, will know that this isn’t unusual – BUT they say that as of tomorrow, it is going to be sunny, and….HERE COMES SUMMER with a BLAST! 7 Days of hot sunshine in a row by the looks of things!  Come on sunshine…but the humidity can stay away thank-you very much.
So we trailed off to baseball today – little guys whole team was there…vs the 3 on the other team. It was pelting down rain (on an angle as well), but they played on! After lunch we didn’t really have anything planned, so I poked around the net for a bit, and decided to take myself off to see a movie – The Proposal.
Ok girls, RUN don’t walk to see this one! I had no idea Ryan Reynolds was so good looking!
Did you know that this movie was filmed in Mass. but takes place in Alaska? Apparently, they super-imposed the mountains in the scenes.
But that aside, it was a packed theatre, and the one we have here (one of a few) is pretty large. I sat myself in the back row, in the corner, had my popcorn, got comfy, and then…..too much $$#@ salt on the popcorn! ARRGG…its now 3 hours later, and it is still all I can taste! I hate when that happens, especially when there is no one to hold your seat (everyone was jumping all over each other to grab the last ones..), while you go an swap it out. I really thought the movie was great, I like these kinds of storylines anyway, but you really didn’t know how it would end…until the end!
The sun is supposed to shine in the am, but I thought I spent the rainy portion of the weekend, watching some worthwhile entertainment!
As for knitting, I have been furiously working away at Juliet, now just shy of 286 stitches on the needles, yeesh…it’s going to be a long one. And here’s me thinking I would be able to have both it and Hey Teach done in time for our Anniversary trip to California in a few weeks. Watch this space for progress!

Oh, by the way, this is my KIP photo, taken by hubby, last Saturday while watching the little ones baseball game:


13 Jun

Hi Fellow Knitters!

I actually AM posting again…wonders never cease!  Hope your knitting is leading you to happy trails at the moment, and not knotted tails!

Today, I realized, is KIP day all over the world. I think my contribution will be knitting at my son’s baseball game in an hour or so, as I usually do. There is something  about sitting in a comfy fold-up chair, knitting, while cheering on a group of 7 yr olds  (who, still at 7, like to dig in the dirt more than pay attention to the game…but that’s a completely different story!).

It’s only just after 10am here, but it was a great start to the day. Today was the first time this year, that we decided to have breakfast outside, the sun was shining, and all you could hear were the birds –  I even saw a heron fly overhead! (When you live in the suburbs of Toronto, that is an unusual site indeed!). Now, it is cloudy and icky looking outside, what gives??

As for my knitting, I am currently working on “Hey Teach!” and “Juliet”. I have given socks a bit of a break after just finishing Cotty – this is a super pattern, and is up as a contender on the Socks That Rock KAL thru Rav. I like reading her blog, you should check it out here.

Well, that’s my update for now, I think I will go and try to find where the sun has gone! Have a super weekend, and enjoy your knitting, where-ever you may be!