Spring HAS Sprung!!

18 Apr

Well, this is just a quick entry, but couldn’t let today go by without commending Mother Earth on a simply gorgeous 2 days around here. Yesterday we played hookie from everything,  (including school!) and went to the Toronto Zoo – we had a blast. It was a spectacular day, and it was fairly quiet, so it was nice. There is SOOOO much walking to do there. We made the “mistake” of venturing off to the Canadian section, where we could see the Grizzly Bear, Cougar, Wolves and Moose; only to discover it was a 60 degree climb back up – for about 1km! Wow, not smart when you have recently been fitted for orthodics, but didn’t have them in your Nikes!!!

Here is a picture of the Elephants, who made me just stand back and appreciate nature. There are 4 at the Zoo, and they are all females.

Elephants at the Toronto Zoo

Elephants at the Toronto Zoo

Today has been spent in recovery mode, you really don’t think you will walk that far when you go, but I think we can safely say we walked about 5-6 km’s!

I have spent today, just enjoying the warm breezed flowing through the house, it is so nice to get the windows open. It was about 70 degrees today, but only expected to be about 45 tomorrow! I have knit on the Helena sweater, just about to start on the lace part. I had to rip back my Tidal Wave socks on Knit Night (it makes it hurt less when you are around your friends!), as I had somehow decreased and the two socks were not alike…what makes it the worst, is that I was 1/2 way thru the foot! Oh well, after frogging back to about 3 inches into the pattern, I am now ready to do the heel again.

Off now for Chinese! What a way to end a great day! Hope yours was equally good! Ciao!


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