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March Break!!??

17 Mar

OK, I know, I suck at this!…but here’s an update anyway!
After working yesterday, I have taken the rest of the week off to be with “E”. I can’t believe that he will be 7 at the end of this month! We have organized a Movie Birthday party to see Monsters Vs. Aliens at our local movie theater, on the actual day of his birthday. As that is a Friday, and the first day the movie is released, it should be fun! They will have pizza and cake etc. They never even had such a thing when I was growing up, and it wasn’t THAT long ago! I remember spending my 7th birthday traveling to Montreal for a working vacation with my parents, it was my first birthday in Canada!
As for knitting, I have a new niece to knit everything small and girly for! She was born at the end of January, and as her and her mom and dad live in the eastern US, we haven’t yet met her. She has already rec’d “Ruby Slippers” and a neat little cardigan from her auntie! The slippers, as her name is Ruby, and I made them out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in Red.
I am also at the end of 2, yes 2, pairs of socks using Magic Loop. I have read over the past year or two, a lot of people saying that they would never go back to DPN’s after this method, and I have to agree! The speed is what makes the difference to me, and I also like the fact that there aren’t ladders that you have (or at least I have) with DPN’s!
I am also working on my first Clapotis, this has been on the needles using Silky Wool, since the end of January, and is about 40% done. Planning on working on this later in the week, after finishing the first socks.
“E” and I are off to an indoor playground today, although the weather is about 60 degrees today, and sunny…that’s what happens when you actually plan out the March Break!
This one is about 15,000 square feet, so I am sure it will be packed anyway!
Enjoy your day, its good to be back!