It’s Winter…already???

12 Dec

Hi Everyone! I have to tell you that I am CRAZY about reading knitting blogs, and here I am not even posting!

Well, I have made more projects recently than ever! Giving some nice, thoughtful knitting gifts to my DH’s family this year, that really suit their needs.  There is fetching, for his Aunt, Neckwarmer for his Grandma, and a freestyle scarf from Noro for my MIL.

I said to the girls at my knitting group last night that I would post, as I was reminded that the last time was the summer!!?? It is definitely “knit” weather here in Southern Ontario, although it seems to go from a deep freeze to a spring-like day, in a matter of 12hrs at the moment!!

Next weekend we will be taking the VIA train up to Montreal, for a little Christmas Getaway! It is actually a prize that I won thru my business, and we are really looking forward to it. It works out to be about 7 hr each way, and we are only staying for 2 nights, but First Class makes all the difference as well!! Remember, I won this, I don’t think it would even have been considered had we not!! LOL! Our little guy is soooo excited, which I think is all his Dad and I are wanting to see from the whole trip, this is a new experience for all of us. Apart from the local train, between here and Toronto, we have never taken a train trip, we usually drive.

Tonight we are off for Chinese food and a little shopping, but I will be sure to check in again in the next few days!

On a train...knitting of course!! (Lake Placid, October 2008)

On a train...knitting of course!! (Lake Placid, October 2008)


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