It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!

31 Aug

Good Morning! I thought it was about time that I started to blog!

I am sitting on my front porch this morning, the air is still, the birds singing, coffee in hand, sun shining, without a cloud in the sky. Yes, it sounds like the start of a romance novel, but it is just such a glorious morning!

We have been fortunate enough right now to have about 5 stellar days in a row, after such a soggy and damp summer here in Southern Ontario. Record rainfall has not really been ideal for flower gardens, so my geraniums are the same size they were when I planted them in late May! Just spots of colour here and there, but lots of green!!!

Due to all of the rain, we have had a many leaks in our block foundation, apparently, not due to the construction of our home, but due to the massive amounts of rainfall that has finally (over the years), caused our soil to say “enought”! That has, and will continue to be the focus of our long weekend here, with bouts of knitting in between!

Topping the weekend off with the fact that my husband may be on strike as of Tuesday — as there is a media blackout, how and when will he find out you ask?? By driving past the college (he is part of the community college support staff) on Tuesday morning, and seeing if there are pickets set up!! It really put us in a bad situation if he does strike, but we are trying to be optimistic.

Last weekend, we travelled thru New York State, Vermont, Mass. and then off to New Hampshire, to visit my SIL and BIL, my inlaws (who only live just down the street here), were there as well, and we celebrated their 40th Wedding Ann. which was in early August. We all had a great time! You geographically don’t realize how long it takes to travel there, until you actually do it. Every time, we think, it won’t be that bad, but then when hour 7 comes up, you really do that double check of the map, and start to say to each other, “it won’t be that much further, perhaps just another 1/2 hr!”, 2 hours later…. you get my drift! We are blessed to have a 6 yr old that travels really well, and we just love car trips!

In terms of my knitting, perfect way to catch up! Take a car trip that doesn’t require a lot of stopping! I took with me my Chevron Scarf, that I started early in the year, I thought, well, at least I will add a good few inches to it, but chances of finishing it, nill. Well, it’s done! I used the recommmended Koigu, but only 2 skeins rather than the pattern recommended 4. It is probably a good 3′, which for me, is enought to wear well. I have never done a pattern like this before, but would highly recommend for the ease of the pattern repeats. Also on the needles are my first lace project, Branching Out, 3 pairs of socks ( I have had such an interest in socks for about 2 years now, but have changed to lace, so these are far overdue!), and a blanket for my hubby out of Bernat, the new acrylic (I know, not a usual material that I use) afghan yarn, which I have to say is terrific. This is a pattern that Bernat have just put out, BUT calls for 2 strands at a time, which is hard on my fingers (bad arthritis), so that has also taken a back seat right now.

Well, tummy is saying ‘breakfast please’, so I will sign off for now, and wish you a happy Sunday, no matter what you may be doing. One last think, is that my thoughts, and I am sure the thoughts of millions around the world, go out to the residents of the US Gulf Coast, here is hoping that the weather man is truly way off.


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