Feeling HOT!

19 Jul

WOW!! Today is cooler than yesterday, but still really hot!

I soooo feel for all of those in the midwest US, where they have been under this hot, humid weather influence for the past few weeks. I saw coverage on the news last night of lakes that have just dried right up – unbelievable!

I am writing this from the office/store today, where my knitting has been sitting at my feet for most of the day. Due to the heat the amount of foot traffic has been down this week, so as all my other paperwork, and government stuff is caught up, thought it best to bring a pair of socks with me. Isn’t it always the case that when you bring knitting, you never get to it?? I am heading home shortly, so will be working on my Skyp Socks and others tonight.

Burgers on the barbie, and a whole lotta fluid heading in my direction….it is to feel like 46 celcius here by Thursday, I can’t say I ever remember it being that hot!

Hope that you are staying cool where you are! Happy Knitting!

I mean…really??!!

18 Jul

It’s not really that difficult to type up a blog posting…I think it is more the difficulty of coming up with the right wording, or the right way to say the obvious??

I have been absent from blogging for soooo long. I keep saying that I will get into the groove again, but then…fail!

I am still LOVING my knitting, not quite sure what I would do without it in my life now. I have a great knitting group, where we all support each others yarn habit!

In recent weeks, I have been on a shawl blitz — I have completed Wendy’s Mystery Shawlette:

Mystery Shawlette

This knit was really fun, I goofed near the beginning — see, you can see the error right down the middle line….but by the time I noticed it, I was waaaaay up, and wasn’t going to tink it back. I kept up with the weekly clues, so was able to finish it rather quickly. It now sits on the back of my yarn room chair, as you can see in the picture, but I am not sure why I put it there…perhaps just for a bit of pretty??

I have also completed Aecor – this pattern was very new when I purchased it, and I don’t usually go for patterns on Rav. where I can’t see what the results have been, but this one struck a chord, and voila!


I also completed Daybreak, which I started last August, and Summer Flies, AND Shaelyn!! I would recommend all of them, Summer Flies and Shaelyn were rather quick lace knits.

Currently I am working on Cozy from Knitty, Simple Skyp Socks and Summer Wind.

It is SUPER-HOT here at the moment, the only place to be is in the air conditioning! I hope that wherever you are, you are cool, and enjoying YOUR knitting – I would love to hear what you are working on!!





New Stuff!!

7 Feb

Yip…still here! January came storming in and out, and was very busy for me. I had the pleasure of having a business trip down to Orlando last week, where the warmth and sun graced us with its presence, and it was a welcome relief to the deep freeze we have been in here in Southern Ontario this winter. Everyone complains about the snow…yes folks, we live in Canada, in a snow belt area, and people consistently complain about the snow!! Well ….. enough already! If we aren’t complaining about how cold it is, we are complaining about how warm it is…..but that is a rant for another day…….

My knitting  came with me on my trip, a little pair of vanilla socks for E, and a grown-up pair of 2×2 ribbed for me. I was able to cast-on..and off, the first of the smaller socks, and made a dent of a few inches into the other. I didn’t have a lot of sitting around time, so I was pleased with what I accomplished.

I wanted to let you know about a new yarn designer who is a friend of mine. She lives in London, England, and we met thru Ravelry! We have had a few visits together, and when she let me (and my fellow knitting group friends) know that she was going to start her own hand-dyed yarn company….well I was thrilled to say the least! You can find her at http://www.auntieboo.com

She had sent me a skein to try, and I admit, it was probably one of the best yarns I have used in a long time! It was a Blue Faced Leicster Mix with some nylon, and it was divine to work with — no splitting, and no irritation to the hands. Her skeins are ample, so my size 11 feet were no problem!

So if you are looking for a new yarn, give her a holler!

As for me…I have some socks to knit, and a little boy to tuck in, so I will see you next time!

Here we go again!

30 Dec

Yip…I know…where does this chick go?? She says she will post, and then she doesn’t….

Well, here is the explanation folks….no creativity! I have found that all of my creativity in the past 2 months, has been spent on dreaming up Christmas gift ideas, and promotions for work.

I did A LOT of gift knitting this year, the most I have ever done, and it was all done by December 22nd! I made some fingerless mitts for my SIL, a Posedeia shawl for my MIL, and a Ruffle My Feathers shawl for my hubby’s aunt. They were all fun projects, but I was glad to get them finished!

MIL's Posediea Shawl

Ruffle My Feathers Shawl

Christmas comes and goes so fast. I had a nice time with the extended family, we had my hubby’s sister and family here from the US, so it was especially nice.

Lots of goodies were exchanged, I was lucky enough to get a large bundle from Knitpicks!

Hope your holidays continue to be great! New Years’ tomorrow, but tonight is celebrating with my knitting girls at knit night!

Oh, one more thing! A friend from London, England is starting her own yarn business. I won’t disclose the name of the company yet, as she has yet to launch her website…but here is a picture of what I will be casting on into socks tonight!! Isn’t it terrific!!!


I mean…REALLY!?

9 Nov

This phrase seems to have been a  popular one for me over the past few month! It sums up quite a lot of events rather nicely I think!

Hello again everyone! I have been absent, AGAIN! I mean 3 months…really?!…OK, enough, enough…see, very commonly used!

I had been debating over the past few days, whether I should keep this blog going or not. I figure I am writing to outer space most of the time, and that there probably isn’t anyone out there who actually follows what I am doing….BUT I logged  in today, and find that the number of hits that I have had over the past week, had shot up! So perhaps you are out there after all!

I would like to have a giveaway, sometime over the next few weeks. I have to find a really nice skein of yarn, and perhaps a book, and other goodies! Just to celebrate knitting in general and my thanks to all those regular bloggers out there! We knitters have our bookmarked blogs that we visit everyday, or thereabouts. I am one of those knitters, and I applaud those who give 110% each day to ensure that they keep their readers up to date with their knitting lives.

Here is what I have been working on for the past few months…I am guilty at still not updating my picture gallery!

  • Custom Top-Down Raglan KAL by Susan B. Anderson – I made a custom adult AND childs size raglan, and they both turned out really well. If you are thinking of making yourself or someone else a sweater for Christmas, this IS the way to go!
  • Sagano Shawl – I am knitting this for my SIL for Christmas out of Zen Garden Serenity Sock…nice stuff!!
  • Posedeia Shawl – for my MIL for Christmas
  • Ruffle My Feathers – for my DH’s Aunt – I am just about to start this with Malabrigo Sock!

So, that is it for now. I am keeping myself busy at work, and also by volunteering as the Fundraising Chair for my son’s school – so my knitting really IS my lifesaver!!

Thanks for joining me, hope you will come back soon!

Ten on Tuesday – Top 10 to Bring on Vacation

3 Aug

Hi Everyone! I think I have wanted to blog everyday for the past 2 weeks, but so much is happening that I get exhausted even reviewing everything I want to write…then I end up with nothing here!

So when I saw the Ten on Tuesday topic for today, I thought that would be one of the best ways to get back into the blogisphere!

1. IPOD – whether it is for music or podcasts, there are always a few minutes to have for yourself and get lost in some great music, or enjoy a knitting podcast.

2. Clothes – yes..simple and straightforward enough, but what I mean here are enough clothes to last for the entire vacay, so that you don’t have to bother yourself with laundry. As it usually goes with me, we all sometimes take a few pieces that we can wear a couple of times, but for me, those are the ones that get either food or coffee dripped on them! No matter where I am, this is always something that happens to me when I have the intention of wearing again!

3. Book or Kindle – I have treated myself (for my Bday in a few weeks) to a Kindle from Amazon.com!! I have not yet loaded any books on it, as I am still enjoying one of the paper kind, but as we will be traveling by car for a relaxing vacay at the end of the month, this is my must have!

4. Good Company – a vacation is nothing if you don’t have the right company, either with you, or at your destination.

5. Good Shoes – comfortable, and convenient! As one who suffers from Rhumatoid Arthritis, proper footwear is a must! If I know that I will have a lot of street walking on my hols. then runners it is – but this summer I love my Croc flip flops!

6. Camera – whether digital or throw-away, you know that if you don’t have one, you are going to have been able to take the BEST pictures – and will kick yourself!

7. Patience – sometimes there are long lines, based upon your destination.

8. Snacks – for plane or car or train, you know you will never find what you really want…so bring your own!

9. Knitting – can’t believe I almost left that one out!

10. A Smile – it won’t be a vacation if you don’t pack one of these!

Back soon, to fill you in on life in general! A lot of my stress is being channeled into my knitting at the mo.!

Just when you think….

13 Jul

that it might cool down…it doesn’t!

We have had this oppressive heat for about 7 days now, with Saturday being the only break from it. I dread to think what it will be like here in another month, when we usually have our hottest weather, given that with the humidity it is 40 plus degrees here. Now, I have to admit, I am not one to complain about the weather, summer, winter, no matter – I live in southern Canada, and we have quite a range of temperature extremes, but hey, I do NOT enjoy the humidity – headaches, poor sleep…grumpy child!

Through all this heat though, I have been knitting!! Yes, you have to sit inside and so something, so you know it would be my first choice. I keep thinking “oh, I should take a picture of this”….and don’t! Note to self!

I have finished, what I thought would be a very easy and quick project, of a cardigan, in Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton. It is drying at the mo. so not a good time to take a pic. I have to say that if you are going to be using this yarn, beware, there were a lot of joins in mine, and of course, when you are making a sweater with stockinette stitch, it becomes hard to hide them! I have also started Daybreak, and Frost Diamonds. Daybreak is for me, I am using 2 colours of BMFA Socks That Rock in Med. Weight – purples, browns that sort of thing. Frost Diamonds will be a present for my MIL, I purchased some Knitpicks Lace Stroll yarn for her a few months ago and thought this pattern would be great…then I read that it was more designed for a heavier yarn….hmmm… what to do…so I have doubled the yarn…..then realized before I cast on the other day, that it calls for about 700 yards, and I only had 440….so another order with Knitpicks was placed…say no more! I really wanted to make this one for her, as it sits on your shoulders, so wanted to find a way to make it work.

That’s all for now, hope you are able to encorporate some knitting into your day!